9 Networking Secrets From a Superconnector | LinkedIn

Scott Gerber is a superconnector. He knows a lot of people, and he works hard to introduce the right ones to each other. Recently profiled in Fast Company, Scott, pictured here with co-founder Ryan Paugh of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), is the author of Never Get a Real Job. But he's practically made a job out of connecting others. I met Scott about a year ago, through the YEC, and also know him through our investments together in Gen Y Capital. In just a year, Scott's been instrumental in connecting me to an investor, to a business partner, and three times to the media.

Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, one of my favorite books, defined "connectors" as "the people in a community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions." Scott is such a connector. In fact, he's the best networker I've ever met, so I asked Scott for his tips about how to network. The secrets are out, below:

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