For-Profit Colleges Flunk Test, Lobby to Make it Easier

For-Profit Colleges Flunk Test, Lobby to Make it EasierPrivate, for-profit colleges, like Phoenix University, get a lot of Federal money — but when the government tried to make sure it wasn’t wasting that money, the colleges fought back: via For-Profit … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About !important CSS Declarations | Impressive Webs

Recently I came across a few articles that mentioned the CSS !important declarations, and there was a little bit of confusion over what they actually did, and how they could be used, as expressed in the user comments on those … Continue reading

Inspecting WordPress With Firebug | Josh Leuze

I have been using WordPress for about six years. Different themes, plugins, and code editors have come and gone through this huge learning process as I have developed hundreds of websites, but the one constant for me has been the … Continue reading