Extreme Web Designs Blog (Responsive/Adaptive)

Extreme Web Designs Blog provides Free Web Design & Web Development Resources to Web Designers & Web Developers. The Unique feature of the Blog is that Live Demos of source code are provided so it's very clear to visualize the usefulness of the article. Apart from that, the Blog layout has recently been made Responsive/Adaptive and makes use of HTML 5 & CSS3 heavily. It scales well for Smart Phones, Tablets & Desktops. Different features are dynamically enabled/disabled based upon the device used, thus providing a smooth browsing experience! The colors chosen, the placement of different elements, etc. will hopefully provide a unique and delightful user experience.

The overall aim of the blog is to help new Web Designers & Developers to get started with their careers and find most of the information they are looking for (if not all), with relevant examples so that they can learn well & progress in their profession.


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